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Hello, my dear friends! You have come to Palam Vihar Call Girls. By the way, I am Ninikaur. Today I am 21 years old. Palam Vihar city of Haryana is where I live. For now, I would like to give some information about myself.

When I was 18 years old, my family sent me out of the city for further studies. When I reached my destination, I started feeling very lonely there. I spent a difficult day or two there and started missing my village friends a lot. I tried hard to talk to him, but I could not do so. After that I started feeling very stressed and I didn’t feel like I was doing well in my studies. I also did something similar when I was away from home. As time went on, I started feeling more and more depressed.

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That’s when I celebrated my birthday. During those days, I made several attempts to communicate with my friend, but I was once again unable to do so. I started crying and then a student from my institute, whose name was Sam, came to me and started inquiring. In response to the question, “Why are you so upset?” Sex Workers Palam Vihar After that, I told her about myself, and she told me that you should consider me your friend, and if you have any questions or concerns, I will facilitate communication with you.

As soon as I saw that both of us were coming closer to each other, I started feeling as if I was there. Then on Sam’s birthday, I went to his PG and we both had a party there. At Sam’s request, I drank alcohol for the first time and we danced together a lot. After this we both danced together on the dance floor. And as our relationship became closer, I went to her bedroom. After that, something happened between us that I never expected: Sam took full advantage of the fact that I was drunk. When he saw Sam he immediately started licking my breast and caressing my nipple.

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After that he kissed me on the lips, started massaging my rear hip and then carefully inserted a finger into my pussy and started moving it in and out. Then I felt as if my entire body was on fire and electric current was running fast. My heart started beating faster and he kept inserting another finger into my pussy. Escort Service Palam Vihar After that I felt as if the tension in my pussy was increasing. Yes, and it started causing pain.

After that Sam started taking off his vest and loosening his pajamas. After that my hand accidentally touched his erect penis. After that Sam pulled me towards himself and took off my bra and threw it in the air and started opening the chain of my jeans. After that he moved his hand and started licking my pussy with his tongue. At that time, I was sitting in the bus waiting for Sam to insert his penis into my pussy and then he found his thick and long penis. I was completely hot. Should be inserted into the pussy.

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Then it seemed as if my life was gone, when the semen inside my finger was flowing into my pussy, when the pain and tension in my vagina was many times more than the pain and tension when Sam’s penis was inside my pussy. I used to be in. , as if my pussy had been torn and I could not bear this pain for a long time. Then I placed my hand on my pussy to caress it, I felt a little wet, then I looked at my hand and saw there was blood in it. I was shocked. was committed.

When I saw blood on my palm I became so frightened that I fainted. Sam damaged my bed in this way and after that I was unable to move for the next two days. After that, I was living the most beautiful moments of my life with Sam and then the condition of both of us became such that as if we could satisfy our hunger anywhere, be it in the college toilet, behind the tower or in any corner of the park. In the corner. , In Sam, I embraced everything that was going on in my life.

Apart from the fact that I used to send money home for my studies, I started going out of town with Sam to places like hotels, resorts and Palam Vihar Escort Service. We both started traveling together to every region of India and I became familiar with every corner of India. I had complete knowledge of everything, how is the location, when should I tell, where is the hotel, which is the resort. Well, and which place is important enough to see.

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Sam gave me full support; Yet, after a few days, I was surprised to learn that he had left me. I questioned him repeatedly and asked him to tell me the mistake he had made by leaving me in the middle of this situation. Call Girls Palam Vihar then told me that what happened to you is nothing new, it is Sam’s nature to attract innocent girls, sleep with them and make money from their money, and since then I have continued this. Trusting boys. I woke up and immediately started concentrating on my studies.

Due to the fact that I had never studied when I was living with Sam, my focus was now on my education. There were only a few days left for my exams to start. I also had to pay my fees, which meant I had no money. This was due to the fact that I had spent all my money on Sam, and I was unable to ask my family for money again because I had already taken the money for the entire year he lived with us. The female caller from Palam Vihar paid the money by depositing the college tuition fees despite being at home. However, I was considering how I would handle financial obligations in the future, when I was approached by a young woman who told me about Sam.

The young woman told me about an escort service agent and offered to put me in touch with that agency. I came to know that this action is not a wrong action. Just like you slept with Sam, you have to do the same here. The only difference is that you were cheated and your money was wasted there. Here at Escort Service Palam Vihar, you will get good amount of money for this activity and you will be able to fulfill all your desires. Then I became a member of an escort service, started a sex business and loved having sex openly.